About Me

The Woman, The Wife, The Mom, and The Entrepreneur

“Success is liking yourself,
Liking what you do,
And liking how you do it!”

-Maya Angelou

I’m a native Californian, who has always believed that the beauty of life can be found in the details.  From an early age I knew that to be successful in this world meant that you have to seize the moments of opportunity that life grants.  That’s why my life motto has always been Carpe Diem!

People have described me as being energetic, funny, sassy, dedicated and a crazy over achiever; however I describe myself as just PASSIONATE!

My husband and my three children are my daily inspiration and motivation.  They are the reason my eyes have a sparkle each time I smile.  They are the driving force behind my success.

As an Entrepreneur, Television Event Expert, Wedding Planner, Event and Photoshoot Design expert and a self-proclaimed fashionista, I know that the best is yet to come from the universe.   But I am not waiting for a sign….. I am doing my part so when me and opportunity meet, I blow them away!!

THE BLOG: Panache is all things elegant and fabulous from weddings, children parties to fashion and design. This is the journey into my passion of   elegance, beauty, and all things girly.

CARPE DIEM SPECIAL EVENTSIs the birth of all of my success.  This is the planning and design company that I founded 11 years ago.  From celebrity red carpet events to small tea parties this is truly where it all began for me.

TELEVISION All of the above brought me to multi-faceted world of television.  From being a guests expert on Collin Cowie’s  “GET MARRIED,” OWN’s expert on “HOME MADE SIMPLE, to WEtv’s “DAVID TUTER’S CELEBRATION” as the over achieving event planner to David Tutera.